Cards with your logo

Visual brand identity design - Logo design

1. Basic logo design: 

1 logo, standard HQ, JPG, PNG , 2 revisions

Price: 85 USD

2. Standard logo design: 

3 logos, ultra HQ,  JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, +3D, 4 revisions

Price: 180 USD

3. Advanced logo design:

6 logos, ultra HQ,  JPG, PNG, AI, EPS, PDF, 3D, MOCK UP + Business card design, 8 revisions

Price: 300 USD

Visual brand identity design - Packages and Wallpapers

1. Package - office material with your logo - Basic design:

Business card, Letter, Notepad, Book cover

Price: 180 USD

2. Package - office equipment with your logo - Standard design:

Business card, Letter, Notepad, Book cover, Cup, Desk cover, Gift bag, Gift box

Price: 300 USD

3. Wall papers:

Dimensions:        Prices:

30×40                    195 USD

40×60                    220 USD

50×70                    240 USD

60×80                    275 USD



Logo design include delivery of electronic forms as noted in this price list.

Package and wallpapers design include only design and delivery of final design in electronic form. If physical production and delivery to your destination is required, these prices are calculated separately and can vary according to amount ordered and place of delivery.

web design (2)

Visual brand identity design - Website design

1. Basic website design: 

Domain name: 20 USD/yr

SSL: 100 USD/yr

Website graphic design: 1000 USD

2. Standard website design: 

Domain name: 20 USD/yr

SSL: 200 USD/yr

Website graphic design: 2500 USD

3. Advanced website design:

Custom made website design with our own graphic design according to your requirements - price is negotiable

Visual brand identity design - Films and Videos

1. Animation

Simple computer animation: 3$ per second
Manual animation: 3,5 - 4$ per second
3D animation: 5$ per second

2. Films

Short film (1 - 5 min): 10-20$ per second
Long film (longer than 5 min): price depending on project

3. Commercials

Standard commercial: 5 - 6$ per second
Commercial with special effects: 7 - 10$ per second



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